Community Member

“Farm Bureau members love the land, they love animals, they have a strong sense of community by creating partnerships to achieve a common goal, and that has been one of the themes of how I run my life. Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization that promotes positive change in the ag community and is not afraid of hard work to get the job done.”
Ann Frederick
Hamilton County Farm Bureau member

Benefits of being a member

Each day, our advocacy team is working on issues that affect all Ohio landowners at the national, state and local level. Farm Bureau staff experts provide members with the latest information on property tax issues, wildlife management, private property rights and more. We even offer a $2,500 reward program to protect your assets against theft on your property.

To keep you connected with food and farm happenings in Ohio, you’ll receive subscriptions to award-winning Our Ohio magazine and Buckeye Farm News. Enjoy food and farm-related stories, tips and recipes delivered to your mailbox six times per year.

Our Ohio Magazine March-April 2012

What does your membership support?

Farm Bureau members are passionate about landowner rights, protecting the jobs of family and friends that are impacted by Ohio’s agriculture communities and preserving the heritage and lifestyle that you cherish for your family and future generations.

Membership funds are allocated toward a variety of programs that ensure the growth of Ohio food and farms, such as advocating for good government policy, developing opportunities for young farmers, providing scholarships and grants, supporting local food efforts, creating food literacy programs for kids, hosting community building events and funding efforts to protect the environment, water quality, farmland preservation and more.

Farm Bureau’s strength is built locally. From our convenient educational forums on issues that affect you such as taxes and property rights to policy updates and unique opportunities to interact with elected officials, Farm Bureau connects you to the information you need to protect your land, your family and your lifestyle.

Benefits and savings

Members also enjoy benefits and savings programs including  leisure and travel, home and health, and more, plus special invitations to food, farm and gardening events, networking opportunities and access to a variety of educational opportunities.

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Ohio Farm Bureau’s mission

Ohio Farm Bureau’s mission is working together for Ohio farmers to advance agriculture and strengthen our communities. Since 1919, Ohio Farm Bureau has worked to make Ohio a great place to call home—and it doesn’t matter if you’re a farmer who produces food or a customer who purchases it, there’s a place for you in Farm Bureau.

Ohio Farm Bureau Community Membership

Remember a day when people took care of themselves and looked out for each other? Problems big and small were solved by people working together.

In Ohio Farm Bureau, we haven’t forgotten this way of life and we invite you to join us as we work together to help people, families and communities get things done. Farm Bureau isn’t just for farmers. It’s for everyone who understands that we help ourselves by helping each other. If you believe in building stronger communities, protecting food and farms, and supporting local foods, we invite you to be a Farm Bureau member.