Date(s) - September 21, 2023
8:30 am - 9:30 am


“Nutrifying Waste and Fortifying our Food Supply System with Insects”

John Bloch – CEO, intersect Agriculture

The team at intersect Agriculture is tackling the ways in which we upcycle food waste and byproduct from a variety of industries into valuable nutrients. Their unique process leverages nature’s most efficient composter, the black soldier fly larvae, to nutrify spent grain, bakery by product, and other forms of waste into high protein and fat ingredients for animals. Their process also creates carbon sequestering biochar used to reduce water runoff and lock in nutrients creating a healthier microbiome in the soil- all while creating carbon credits. The team is actively growing out of their backyard pilot and working toward launching their full scale pilot.


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Photo by Oktavianus Mulyadi