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Annual Meeting Review and Upcoming Events

Published Oct. 2, 2012 | Discuss this article on Facebook
Our Scholarship Recipients for 2012 with President Brenda Hastings (left) and Secretary Ed Rumburg (right)

What a tremondous county annual meeting! A big congratulations and thank you to our out-going board members - Bob Sage, Linnie Lausin and Kevin O'Reilly Jr. Also congratulations to our scholarship recipients - George Hess III, Richard Ivans, Ryan Mayoros, Emma Niehus and Kelsey Rumburg. Last but not least, congratulations to our Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award recipient, Elaenor Sage!


Upcoming events to be ready for:

Geauga County Farm Bureau Re-Organization Meeting on October 25th

East Region Leadership - November 10th at Maplewood in Ravenna.


See ya'll soon!

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