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Hamilton County Farm Bureau Wins County Excellence Award for AFBF

Published Oct. 18, 2012 | Discuss this article on Facebook
Jim Wilz -HC Parks Foundation, Jack Sutton -Director of the HC Park District & HC Farm Bureau President-Dennis Heyob

Hamilton County Farm Bureau to be recognized at the American Farm Bureau Annual meeting for the County Activities of Excellence.  The program "Making Farm Bureau Relevant to the Equine Community" was an idea that came together by Dr. Mike and Ann Frederick.

“We are embarking on a mission to make our county Farm Bureau more relevant to our urban demographic.  We are reaching out, welcoming partnerships, and working more closely with a nontraditional agricultural group of our county - the equine community,” said Ann Frederick.

The program's objectives were to keep our Farm Bureau strong, active and growing. We have recognized the need to reach out and include from within our agricultural community the peripheral, nontraditional farmers. Our objective is to actively engage the equine community to enhance the Farm Bureau presence in our county, she said.

Hamilton County Farm Bureau engages the equine community in several different ways. To expose the equine community to the Farm Bureau, we exhibited a Farm Bureau membership booth at our well attended local equine tack exchange. Farm Bureau members were answering questions, passing out literature, and promoting membership at this 3,000 person equestrian event.  Farm Bureau members are writing articles for local newspapers and the 12,000 monthly subscribers of Horsemen's Corral Magazine with some of these same articles reproduced on the state Farm Bureau website.  To support horse clubs, Farm Bureau members attended horse club meetings and gave presentations on topics such as hay production, equine veterinary medical care, and the role of Farm Bureau as it relates to agricultural.  Hamilton County Farm Bureau donated $1,500 to the county park district to be applied toward the maintenance and improvement of equine trails located within the park district.        

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