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Ag Committees request emergency avian flu assistance

Published Apr. 30, 2015

Agriculture Committee Chairmen Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., and Rep. K. Michael Conaway, R-Texas, and Ranking Members Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., and Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., made the request in an open letter also copied to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack.

At helm of Ohio Cattlemen’s, Elizabeth Harsh works to ‘be fearless daily

Published Apr. 23, 2015

“You can never over-communicate,” she said. “You make the extra call to make sure someone understands a program.”

Avian flu hits more farms in Iowa, Minnesota

Published Apr. 28, 2015

In addition, H5N2 has surfaced on another turkey farm in southern Ontario, while poultry workers associated with outbreaks in Minnesota are receiving an antiviral drug as a precaution.

Corn Planting Catching Up As Weather Window Opens Further

Published Apr. 28, 2015

Monday's weekly USDA-NASS Crop Progress report shows farmers have 19% of the nation's corn crop in the ground. That's a 10% jump over last week but remains 6% behind the normal pace.

Farm Bureau Calls for Renewed, Reliable Grain Inspection Standards

Published Apr. 23, 2015

“Our grain inspection system has earned worldwide recognition as being reliable and impartial,” Winkles said. But U.S. grain trade was jeopardized when a labor dispute led to the shutdown of grain inspection services out of the Port of Vancouver last summer.

Farm loans keep rising in U.S. grain belt as cash squeeze tightens

Published Apr. 23, 2015

The Fed survey, conducted the first week of February, showed non-real estate farm loans were $8.1 billion higher than the same time a year earlier. The outlook for another year of near-record harvests should keep cash flows tight in coming months, it said.

Farm manager's notebook: Reasonable cash rents ahead?

Published May. 1, 2015

The big operator cash rent bump is often twice the $50 to $75 margin you referenced. These players are losing millions at current commodity price levels

Farm-Raised Food Is Steps Away From Your Front Door

Published Apr. 29, 2015

The place is called Agritopia. It's a suburban neighborhood with more than 450 Craftsman-style homes that are built entirely around a working farm. Such communities have been dubbed "agrihoods."

Farmers looking forward to warm, dry weather

Published May. 1, 2015

Ohio Farm Bureau spokesman Seth Teter said the rainy April slowed the central Ohio farming industry a bit but should cause no major problems. “People are waiting for the ground to dry out,” he said. “Once the temperature rises, the soil will dry out fast and furious. There will be plenty time to get crops planted.”

Historical perspective of planting corn in April

Published Apr. 23, 2015

The data also show that in most years, even those with slow starts due to persistent cold weather in April, 60 percent or more of corn acres were planted by May 10, which is within the optimal planting date window.