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Vilsack wants national debate on climate change, GMOs

Published Apr. 28, 2015

Vilsack, 64, argues that politicians and interest groups from both right-wing and left-wing are taking political positions that are dangerous for the country. He also said his mission is to prompt presidential candidates to talk about both issues

U.S. Ups Fight Against Agricultural Espionage

Published Apr. 27, 2015

The case comes as U.S. law-enforcement officials say they are conducting a broader examination of corporate espionage targeting U.S. agriculture companies, including multiple cases of possible theft of seeds, pesticides and other farm products.

Trade Agreements Still Face Hurdles

Published May. 1, 2015

“I think a lot of it depends on the President and whether or not he’s able to allay some of the fears that people have with regards to trade,” Roberts said, referring to opposition from labor unions and other groups close to Democratic members of Congress.

Still great potential with drones in ag

Published Apr. 30, 2015

For all the good they do, new technologies are not without risk, Farm Bureau told regulators. Farmers and ranchers need to be able to manage these tools safely and should be assured that their farm data is secure and cannot be used unfairly against them

Poultry producers should step up biosecurity

Published Apr. 30, 2015

The avian influenza virus that has swept across western and northcentral states is still a few hundred miles from Ohio and Pennsylvania. But experts are preparing for what could soon be in our part of the country, affecting domestic flocks and wild fowl.

Oregon considers limits on livestock antibiotics

Published Apr. 27, 2015

If the legislation passes, Oregon would be the first in the nation to mandate stricter rules on livestock antibiotics.

Ohio FFA’ers are ‘ag educators’ too

Published May. 5, 2015

In his luncheon remarks, Doug Loudenslager, of Evolution Ag, urged students to both recognize the contributions of their FFA advisers and ag science teachers and consider pursuing a career in education themselves

Ohio farmers, itching to plant, watch markets continue lower

Published Apr. 29, 2015

Now we are looking at prices that have us wondering if there will be profit in farming with any but the best crop yields. Now we are agonizing about forward contracting corn and beans, and wondering when to pull the plug on needed corn sales. Now we are wondering if some of our price-inflated inputs will ever get cheaper again.

OFBF talks CAUV in Mansfield

Published May. 1, 2015

The value of Ohio farmland, and property tax increases on it, were discussed Thursday at the Mansfield Kiwanis Club meeting. The guest speaker was Amy Milam, Director of Legal Education for the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Obama administration is taking on agriculture’s role in climate change

Published Apr. 27, 2015

The broad suite of policies includes targeting livestock related emissions — by increasing anaerobic digestion, making sure there are roofs to contain some methane emissions, and also changing grazing habits so as to preserve more carbon in soils — the reforestation of fire or pest-damaged areas, and much more.