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2011 Year in Review -- Working with the media

Published Dec. 14, 2011 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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Buckeye Farm News

When it comes to agriculture, business, environmental and food issues, Ohioans obtain much of their information from the media, which is why Ohio Farm Bureau works closely with newspaper, television, radio and online reporters. By interacting with journalists we can assure that agriculture’s views are portrayed prominently and accurately, giving the public a better understanding of the issues important to farmers.

OFBF’s media relations effort is multilayered. On the news front, we assist reporters who need background on complex topics, arrange interviews with farmers and OFBF staff members and pitch story ideas that will be of interest to the audience and beneficial to our industry. Farm Bureau also works with editorial writers as they shape their opinions and publicize our own viewpoints in letters to the editor and op-ed articles.

A vital part of Farm Bureau’s media relations programming is preparing members to speak out. The most effective spokesperson for farming is a farmer, so OFBF provides training in being interviewed, developing and delivering messages and building relationships with local media.

Topics that were high on the media’s agenda in 2011 were planting and harvest challenges, oil and gas drilling, food prices, water quality, State Issue 2, animal care, trade, the state budget, the farm bill, estate taxes and food safety.

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