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Local chef-farmer partnership goes well beyond food

Published May. 31, 2013 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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The Mahoning Valley's finest chefs pair up with local farmers to share the best the region has to offer.

by Timothy Kellogg

When I think of Farm Bureau, I think of the history of working together with friends and neighbors to make a difference in the agriculture and rural communities. Over time, our rural communities have changed dramatically along with how agriculture conducts its business. What has not changed, is the ability of people in ANY community to come together to shine the light on their hometowns. This is your county Farm Bureau it might have changed shape and structure but the premise is still the same.

This is also the same purpose of The Valley Classic in the Mahoning Valley. A group of local, independently owned restaurants that want to shed the light on our little corner of the state. They do this by working together with each other, with other organizations and through some hilarious commercials.

Recently, The Valley Classics worked with the Trumbull County Farm Bureau in sharing that message that we want to use the best that this region has to offer in a way that will benefit the communities within. In this video, you saw some of the regions finest chefs on several farms, getting to know those farmers that produce the food so they can have a better idea of how to share that food with you in their restaurant.

What is important to remember is that the Farm Bureau mission forging a partnership between farmers and consumers and the mission of The Valley Classic goes beyond food. It is recognition that home, be it the street you live on, the city you live in, the region you are a part of and the state we share, is only as good as the people that remain engaged with it.

Although I do not live in the Mahoning Valley, Im very proud to work with volunteers that do. Lets eat!

Timothy "Ty" Kellogg is Ohio Farm Bureau's organization director in Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Mahoning and Trumbull counties.

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