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Year in Review: Working with the media

Published Dec. 14, 2010 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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When reporters want to talk to farmers, Ohio Farm Bureau works both sides of the connection, assisting farmers in preparing for their interviews and helping reporters understand the issues. Ohio Farm Bureau staff members also serve as expert sources for the media in areas such as government and politics, food production, animal issues, business concerns, energy, property rights, environmental protection and others.

When local issues are in the media, Ohio Farm Bureau works alongside county leaders to advance Farm Bureauís interests and meet the needs of their communityís reporters.

Media relations training is another part of Farm Bureauís service to members. Newspaper, television, radio and Internet reporters are anxious to hear from the authentic voices of family farmers. Farm Bureau assists members in preparing for these opportunities, sharing tips and training in areas such as how the media works, developing and communicating messages and handling interviews.

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