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Published Jun. 10, 2010

House bill contains vital tax provisions; Child employment act could affect farm youth

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News Briefs

Published Apr. 20, 2011

Progress made toward Columbia FTA; lawmakers seek to eliminate Form 1099 requirement; AFBF comments on federal budget

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News and Notes Sept. 18, 2014

Published Sep. 17, 2014

Brief updates on EPA's Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure rule, 'Town Hall Ohio' shows, Ohio Food and Farm Leadership Forum Dec. 10, CAUV, and webinars for rural entrepreneurs

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Newly formed Ohio State advisory team

Published Jul. 17, 2014

In his blog, David White discusses Ohio Farm Bureau's newly formed Ohio State advisory team and why the team has been formed.

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The new Ohio Farm Bureau site is found at

New Web site connects Farm Bureau to members and the public

Published Jun. 11, 2009

OFBF continued to add to its improved Web presence in May with the launch of the completely redesigned and upgraded Web site.

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New strategies can save farmland

Published Jan. 15, 2009

Innovative policies rather than funding may provide solutions to the loss of productive land in Ohio.

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The Envisioned Future Report gathered input from more than 2,800 Ohio Farm Bureau members

New strategic plan will guide Ohio Farm Bureau

Published Dec. 17, 2009

A 250-page strategic plan titled Ohio Farm Bureau's Envisioned Future — The New Era was developed in 2009 to guide the organization in coming years.

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Catch the "Agriculture is Cool" program at the Ohio State Fair.

New state fair program links kids to the farm

Published May. 25, 2011

This year the Ohio State Fair is launching a new program called “Agriculture is Cool” that would provide a fun and educational experience to fourth graders.

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New severance tax bill, how Farm Bureau members say the money should be used

Published Jan. 30, 2014

House Bill 375 was recently introduced in an effort to make changes to the state’s severance tax (the tax that applies when natural resources are “severed” from the earth).

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New program aims to help Ohio’s equine industry

Published Jan. 21, 2010

OFBF is helping to get the word out about a new Ohio State University Extension program that will provide helpful and up-to-date information to horse owners and enthusiasts.

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