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  • You love food.
  • You love farms.
  • You love to buy local.
  • You love your community.
  • You live here.
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Why become a supporter?

If you care about the future of Ohio food and farms, you should be an Our Ohio Supporter. Not only will you be financially helping to ensure the stability of agriculture in Ohio, you will be connected to agriculture information that affects all Ohioans.

Ohio Farm Bureau is an organization for farmers and those who believe in what farmers do: provide food, resources and jobs for our communities. In fact, one in seven jobs in Ohio is rooted in agriculture.

It affects all of us.

Becoming an Our Ohio Supporter is a great way to find out about and contribute to the work of Farm Bureau in your local community.


In appreciation for your support and to keep you connected with food and farm happenings in Ohio, you’ll receive a subscription to Our Ohio magazine. Enjoy food and farm stories, tips and recipes delivered to your mailbox six times per year.

With your support, Ohio Farm Bureau can continue to tell the story of how agriculture impacts the daily lives of all Ohioans through the Our Ohio e-letter, magazine, social media outlets and Town Hall Ohio radio.

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Supporting is easy

An Our Ohio Supporter pays a $25 annual fee.

That’s only about $2 per month to make an impact in your local food community.

Become an Our Ohio Supporter today and receive your FREE Best of Our Ohio Cookbook, filled with recipes, cooking tips and local farm stories.

What will your fee support?

You are supporting a variety of programs that ensure the growth of Ohio food and farms, such as development opportunities for young farmers, agriculture-based scholarships and grants, local food efforts, food literacy programs for kids, community building events, efforts to protect land and water, farmland preservation and more.

Bonus benefit

Supporters receive special invitations to food, farm and gardening events, opportunities to network, plus access to a variety of educational workshops.

Our Shared Mission

The mission of Ohio Farm Bureau is working together for Ohio farmers to advance agriculture and strengthen our communities. Our Ohio Supporters reinforce the work of Ohio Farm Bureau, a group of thousands of families who advocate for Ohio’s food and farm community.

Supporters care about the future of Ohio food and farms. They support Farm Bureau as a voice to ensure that farmers are respected, treated fairly, and encouraged to operate in a way that improves our land and surrounding communities. Join in the shared mission to protect Ohio’s food and farms, and ultimately make Ohio a better place to live.