Delicious cherries in a jar with ice

Classic Cherry Bounce

What a fun way to ring in the holidays with cherries from the summer. When the liqueur is gone, enjoy a whiskey infused cherry every now and then.


  • 6 cups tart or sour cherries washed, stemmed, pitted
  • 1 pound rock candy
  • 1 fifth of whiskey brandy or rum


Place the cleaned cherries in a large, clean jug or jar with a tight fitting lid. Add the rock candy and then pour in the whiskey. Seal and place the jug in a cool place away from the light. Shake the contents on occasion.

At holiday time (six months later), the bounce should be ready to enjoy. Serve in cordial glasses as an after dinner liqueur and enjoy in moderation. The cherries that have been steeping in the liquor can also be enjoyed on their own or spooned over ice cream or pound cake.

*You can also blend brandy and rum together, about 1¾ cups of each, to replace the fifth.

Makes approximately 5 to 6 cups of liqueur

Photo by Jodi Miller