Great Lakes Ag Labor Services

Great Lakes Agricultural Labor Services, LLC

The Ohio Farm Bureau is proud to announce a partnership with Great Lakes Agricultural Labor Services, LLC.  GLALS is a full service agent helping farms secure labor through the H-2A foreign worker visa program.

GLALS’ team works closely with farm sector employers to ensure their agricultural business is properly staffed, prepared and everyone is on the same page. They are experts with years of experience working through visa programs, as well as advocates for farmers and growers, and cultural liaisons. Great Lakes Ag Labor Services helps increase the labor force as needed, while employers maintain complete control of their business and labor policies. GLALS was founded by the Michigan Farm Bureau in 2014 and is currently the largest H-2A contract filer in Michigan.

An example of services provided:

  • drafting of applications
  • domestic and foreign recruitment
  • travel
  • worker onboarding and training
  • assistance with audits
  • bilingual support and translation services

Upcoming Informational Zoom Seminars

Great Lakes Ag Labor Services is hosting two seminars online to familiarize Ohio farmers with the company’s H-2A services.

  • Oct. 27, 8 a.m. = Registration link
  • Nov. 12, 12 p.m. = Registration link


Visit the Great Lakes Ag Labor website or call for more information: 517-679-4779.

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