John Deere GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards

Ohio Farm Bureau has teamed with John Deere!

Ohio Farm Bureau members receive special access to John Deere’s GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards program, providing members with a free two-year Platinum 2 membership. It’s easy to become a GreenFleet member, too! Just sign up for John Deere GreenFleet Loyalty rewards program using a valid Ohio Farm Bureau member ID and zip code for membership verification, and become a Platinum 2 level member.

Sign up for your GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards card by following this link:


Ohio Farm Bureau members are eligible for the following benefits as Platinum 2 status members:

Discounts on the following categories of equipment:

  • Commercial Mowing:     $350 – $3,200 off
  • Residential Mowing:      $100 – $250 off
  • Golf & Sports Turf:         $500 – $3,700 off
  • Utility Vehicles:              $200 – $350 off
  • Tractors:                        $200 – $350 off
  • Commercial Worksite:   17% off MSRP


Other Details and Restrictions

  • GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards benefits are only available at John Deere dealerships. Purchases from other stores will count toward GreenFleet status, but are not eligible for a GreenFleet discount.
  • There is no minimum length of Farm Bureau membership to receive the GreenFleet benefit.
  • Members need to sign up once for the GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards program, then renew or reactivate their membership in the rewards program approximately every two years.
  • GreenFleet members can manage their account at
  • For full GreenFleet terms and conditions, visit