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What Are You Thankful For?, by Kathy Smith

Published Nov. 19, 2014

What are you thankful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving 2014? High on my list is the fact that our country conducted an important mid-term election on November 4 of this year and there wasnít a tank in sight. There were no protestors at our polling place, I didnít have to fear for my life or the lives of my family if they did attempt to vote, and the evening news did not report any rioting in the s...

Most Farmers I Know Are Workaholics, by Kathy Smith

Published Nov. 3, 2014

Most farmers I know are workaholics. Of course anyone who works for themselves really has to be. When you are self-employed, everything and thereís no two ways about it---everything--- depends on you getting the job done no matter what it takes to do it.† But I think every one of our lives needs balance. Yes, the beans have to be combined, the hay has to be baled and the cows have to be milked. Yo...

West Orchards

Farmers Feed Our Needs at West Orchards in Perry

Published Oct. 8, 2014

Farm Bureau, West Orchards, PNC Bank, Classic Ford, Farm Credit and WKKY present ĎFarmers Feed Our Needsí With fluctuating food prices, an unsteady economy and the major holiday season just around the corner, Lake County Farm Bureau, West Orchards of Perry, Classic Ford in Madison, Farm Credit, PNC Bank and WKKY104.7FM will be hosting the sixth annual Farmers Feed Our Needs food drive. The chari...


Published Oct. 1, 2014

†Bring the family and enjoy the fun and festivities while visiting our farm.† At Sirna's Farm we want to show our appreciation to our community!! Click the link below for more information. http://sirnasfarm.com/Sirnas_FF_2014.pdf...


Geauga County Farm Bureau President Ed Rumburg Presents Award

Published Oct. 1, 2014

Geauga County Farm Bureau presents "Friends of Agriculture" Award to Candidate Sarah LaTourette...


Geauga County Farm Bureau President Ed Rumburg Presents Award

Published Oct. 1, 2014

Geauga County Farm Bureau presents "Friends of Agriculture" Award to Incumbent John Patterson's wife, Nancy....

It's Time to Preserve Some of the Abundance, by Kathy Smith

Published Sep. 24, 2014

Are you so tired of canning and freezing vegetables that youíre ready to scream? †Do you have nightmares about someone leaving a huge pile of peppers on your back porch or youíre seeing ears of corn in your dreams? Well, youíre not alone. † Here in northeastern Ohio weíve had a pretty good year for nearly everything except tomatoes. Several people have said that there just was not enough sun to ma...

Geauga County Farm Bureau 2014 Annual Meeting

Published Sep. 22, 2014

As a member, you are invited to attend the 2014 Geauga County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting.† The purpose of this meeting will be to highlight the activities of the past year, and to lay the ground work for our programs in 2015.† Active farmer members will have the responsibility of voting on proposed policies, as well as electing county board members and delegates to the 2015 Ohio Farm Bureau Annual...

Summer is Going Fast! by Kathy Smith

Published Sep. 2, 2014

Summer is going fast! That means itís time to pack up the kids, the dog, the tent and go camping. Most farmers I know think that they get enough time enjoying the great outdoors while working in the fields every day. So they really arenít all that excited about camping when they have some rare time off. But thatís not true of our city cousins. A friend spent nearly a month getting ready for her fa...

It's the Time of Year for Reunions, by Kathy Smith

Published Aug. 7, 2014

Itís the time of year for reunions---whether itís your 25th†or 50th†high school class reunion or a family reunion, they are a very important part of your life. Your school reunion is a group of people you only spent about 12 years with but became very close due to the daily contact. Here in Ashtabula County, most of our classes are the perfect size. My mother-in-law graduated from a very large You...

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