Business Solutions that help your farm grow

We know you are seeking new ideas to gain an edge and ensure your business thrives. Ohio Farm Bureau is evolving and growing to meet your needs with insights and business solutions to help grow your bottom line and stay a step ahead. 

Ohio Farm Bureau Business Solutions

Ag Intelligence Service and Market Intel

Ohio Farm Bureau gathers and analyzes trends and issues through the Ag Intelligence Service, providing members with synthesized insights and actionable on-farm implications, so you can strengthen your competitive advantage and be prepared and positioned for future success.

Agriculture Technology

Business Services

When it comes to managing your farm business, you have a lot on your plate. Ohio Farm Bureau offers programs and services to help make your job easier. From risk management tools to insurance and banking services to farm lease management, we have solutions to help save you money and give you a competitive advantage.

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Health and Wellness Services

Finding affordable health care can be a challenge for sole proprietors and small businesses. Ohio Farm Bureau offers members several health insurance and medical reimbursement plans to help you stay healthy and control your health care costs.


Legal Resources

Members have access to Ohio Farm Bureau experts and information on property rights, landowner issues, energy leases, taxes and other legal or regulatory issues that may impact your farm business. Ohio Farm Bureau also can provide referrals to attorneys experienced in agriculture and the areas you need for your farm business.

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Transition and Estate Planning Resources

Transition and estate planning is important, but it is also complicated. Land, equipment, equity, your own retirement…how do you begin to think about handing your business over to the next generation? Ohio Farm Bureau in partnership with Nationwide offers the Land as Your Legacy transition planning service and resources to help you get started.

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Finding and Retaining Farm Employees

Are you struggling to attract and retain workers for your farm operation? Finding quality employees is challenging. Ohio Farm Bureau offers programs–temporary worker services, workers’ compensation insurance–and hiring guides and training resources to help you attract and retain quality farm employees.

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