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Finding and Retaining Farm Employees

Finding and retaining farm employees can be a challenge. Ohio Farm Bureau offers resources such as guides, training, and temporary worker programs to help you attract, retain and develop your farm’s team.

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Complete Guide to Finding, Hiring and Retaining Farm Employees

Finding quality employees is challenging, and unless you adapt to the new workforce patterns, attracting, hiring and retaining workers will become more difficult. This guide is designed to help position a farm business as an employer of choice in a tough labor market.

Labor Guide

Labor Intelligence Report

Finding and retaining farm employees will remain one of farmers’ greatest challenges as the need for skilled farm labor grows while the competition for available workers intensifies and wages spiral upward. “Farm Employees: Where are they? Strategies and solutions for your farm” outlines the challenges and  implications, plus explores how farmers are considering alternative staffing solutions and strategies to find, recruit and retain employees.

Labor Intelligence Report

Temporary worker services

If you need to hire temporary or seasonal agricultural workers, the H-2A program could be an option. Ohio Farm Bureau and Great Lakes Ag Labor Services provide H-2A program assistance from beginning to end including expert legal review, visa processing, translation, transportation, recruitment, training and more.

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Workers' Comp insurance program

Ohio Farm Bureau Workers’ Compensation Group Rating program enables members in farming, agribusiness, manufacturing, construction, transportation, etc. to protect their employees and their business while saving 25% to 53% on workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Explore how much you can save with a free, no obligation quote.