Member Legal Resources

Access information on property rights, landowner issues, energy leases, taxes and other legal or regulatory issues that may impact your farm business.

Marion County, Ohio

Legal with Leah

This podcast series features Ohio Farm Bureau Policy Counsel Leah Curtis discussing topics impacting farmers and landowners such as property rights, taxes and other legal and regulatory issues. It’s a quick way to keep up on legal and regulatory issues that can impact your farm and business.

Legal with Leah

Ohio Farm Bureau Landowner Toolkit

Owning land comes with special responsibilities and the landowner toolkit can help members navigate through the issues that come along with those responsibilities. The toolkit will help answer questions unique to property owners on topics such as all-purpose vehicles, oil and gas, property rights, dog laws, drainage, line fences, open burning, zoning, trespassing and more.

Ohio Landowner Toolkit 2023