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Health and Wellness Services

Ohio Farm Bureau offers farm wellness resources — health insurance and medical expense reimbursement programs — to help support your family and farm team’s health, including mental health and overall well-being.


Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan

Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan is a self-funded medical plan that helps address the high cost of medical care. With competitive, fixed monthly rates, a variety of plan designs and access to Anthem’s broad provider network, it’s a smart health care solution for sole proprietors and employers of 1-50 employees.

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Medical expense reimbursement plan

AgriPland and BizPlan are medical reimbursement programs that can help Ohio Farm Bureau members save up to $5,000 annually on their medical expenses. The plans enable small business owners to deduct 100% of federal state and self-employment taxes for family medical expenses by declaring medical expenses as a business expense, rather than a personal deduction.

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