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The Health Benefits Plan is a flexible and high-quality health coverage option specifically created for sole proprietors and small businesses in Ohio’s agricultural economic sector.

As today’s farmers and small businesses with employees continue to search for health coverage options, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation has taken action to help employers save on these expenses. The Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan can lead to more rate stability and is a smart solution that offers potential savings for Ohio farmers and small businesses with 1-50 employees.  You do not have to be a current Farm Bureau member to apply.


In addition to financial protection, this health benefits plan offers:

  • Competitive rates through a self-funded arrangement.

  • Fixed, predictable monthly payments.

  • A variety of plan designs – PPO Deductible with Coinsurance and HSA High Deductible plans.

  • Anthem’s broad provider network and Rx formulary.

  • Protection from financial liability should your business leave the plan.

To top it off, the Farm Bureau plan provides expanded wellness offerings so your employees can benefit from your investment in them even further. 


Who is eligible for the OFB Health Benefits Plan?

The OFB Health Benefits Plan is available to sole proprietors and employers of 1-50 employees with headquarters in Ohio. Eligible businesses must be in the agricultural economic sector, measured from “Farm to Fork.” One in eight employees in Ohio are a part of this economic sector. Sole proprietors are eligible.

Why join the OFB Health Benefits Plan?

The OFB Health Benefits Plan was created to help the agricultural sector and related businesses address the high cost of medical care and promote a healthier Ohio. Through incentives for wellness, this new self-funded medical plan encourages the production and consumption of nutritious foods and offers new ways to address the health problems of our communities.

We’ve got you covered with standard health and wellness programs. Your employees can get help taking care of their health. Our programs include 24/7 NurseLine and a telephonic physician consultation service.

To learn more about the OFB Health Benefits Plan and its many advantages, contact the Ohio Farm Bureau today at 800-937-4567 for a referral to a local OFB Health Benefits Plan approved agent.


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Employer FAQ

What is the OFB Health Benefits Plan?

It is an employee welfare benefit plan and trust arrangement that is maintained for the purpose of offering employee medical benefits. It is governed by trustees and by-laws that satisfy Ohio Department of Insurance requirements. Benefits are paid for from the trust fund.

How will the OFB Health Benefits Plan pay our employees’ claims? Will they have the funds necessary?

The initial capital requirement that Ohio Farm Bureau has made is $500,000. This requirement has been satisfied. The Ohio Legislature increased this requirement from $150,000 with the objective to protect consumers. The Ohio Department of Insurance provides risk based capital monitoring of the plan each quarter. The OFB Health Benefits Plan has agreements in place to cover employers’ liabilities when they leave the plan and in the event this plan discontinues operations.

Who makes the decisions for the OFB Health Benefits Plan?

The OFB Health Benefits Plan board of trustees will be responsible for the oversight of the plan and ensuring the plan complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Why would an employer choose the OFB Health Benefits Plan (which is a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement or MEWA) over an Affordable Care Act policy?

The MEWA solution, provided for in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1739, could be a good fit for employers for many reasons including:

  • Competitive rates, in many cases lower than what is available in the ACA market.

  • Predictable, fixed monthly payments.

  • Protection of being part of a larger self-funded pool.

  • Flexibility in choice of benefit plans.

Do I need to meet certain participation and contribution requirements?

Yes. At least 75% of the Net Eligible Employees must be covered under the plan. The minimum employer contribution is at least 25% of the total cost for chosen health benefits. 

Can we join the OFBHealth Benefits Plan at any time during the year?

Yes, however, all participating employers in the OFB Health Benefits Plan renew on Jan. 1 of every year.

How will the premium equivalent rate be determined?

There are multiple factors that impact the premium equivalent rate including:

  • Medical history and expected risk of your employees’ future health claims.

  • Age and gender of your employees.

  • The number of employees enrolled in the benefit plan.

  • Where the company is located.

  • Benefits that are being offered.

What components are included in the premium equivalent rate? Are there other amounts that have to be paid in addition to the premium equivalent rate?

The premium equivalent rate covers expected claims, administrative expenses, taxes and assessments, and stop loss premium. In addition, Ohio Farm Bureau membership dues are required to be paid as a part of this premium equivalent rate (employees will not be required to pay dues directly).

How will the annual renewal increase be determined?

An overall renewal increase needed for the OFB Health Benefits Plan will be calculated based on a projection of the claims for the upcoming policy year for the entire OFB Health Benefits Plan. Each participating employer’s increase will then be calculated based on that employer’s specific claims history and risk profile, as well as any changes in the demographics and number of enrolled employees of the group.

Can the policy be terminated at any time?

During the policy period, employers may only elect to withdraw from the plan as of the end of a calendar month by giving written notice at least 30 days prior to that date. The plan has an assessment provision where an employer leaving the plan may need to contribute to any deficit of the plan.  However, the OFB Health Benefits Plan has terminal liability protection which means the employer who may choose to leave is protected from any assessment should he or she leave the plan or the plan does not have enough assets to provide benefits.

I currently have an Anthem policy. Will my employees have to change their doctor?

The OFB Health Benefits Plan uses Anthem’s health care provider network – one of the largest provider networks in state. You should, however, always use the provider directory to make sure doctors are in-network prior to any service.

What is the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation? What does it do?

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation established this health benefits plan. The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation is a grassroots membership organization that works to support Ohio’s food and farm community.


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Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Farm Bureau Health benefits plan, a self-funded plan for Ohio employers in the agriculture economic sector. This sector includes many types of farms, farm suppliers, food distributers, food processing, grocery and restaurants to name a few. Eligible businesses may include employers who are a corporation (C, S or LLC), partnerships and sole proprietors with two or more employees in different households up to 99 employees. Please complete the form if you are interested in getting a quote for the Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan.

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