DIY: Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments and Gifts

With the holiday season ending, many are taking down the Christmas lights and boxing up the ornaments. But before you drag that Christmas tree to the curb, here are a few fun ideas for keepsakes that can be reused next Christmas or all year long!

This DIY project features ornaments and a unique tree slice painting.

To prepare for this project, you will need to cut your tree trunk into 1/2 inch slices, preferably with a Miter saw. (Make sure you are wearing gloves along with ear and eye protection while operating power tools.) For a larger diameter tree trunk, this is a great palette for a large tree slice painting.  In order for this to stand on its side, the slice should be cut approximately 2 inches thick.


Once you have these slices cut, sand the sides with a 220 grit sand paper. Now you are ready to paint!

You will need paint brushes, thick and thin tip brushes for different textures depending on what you are painting, and acrylic paint.


I started by painting some of the backgrounds of the slices a solid color. I let those thoroughly dry for about an hour and then painted designs on top of the solid color.

A tip to help with designs is to lightly trace on with a pencil first and then paint over them.


Let all the painted slices dry for an hour to make sure they are dry.


For the small slices, drill a small hole near the top of the slice.


Next, cut a piece of craft twine (extra baling twine from the barn can come in handy here as well!) Tie the twine in a secure knot and pull to the back of the ornament to hide.


Display or give as gifts to remember a great holiday season!


Amanda Domsitz is a member of the Ohio Farm Bureau communications staff and a DIY’er. Follow her at Dom’s Midwest Designs on Facebook and Etsy.