American Farm Bureau Book of the Year

At the 2017 Annual Convention, the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture presented its 10th “Book of the Year” award to Eugenie Doyle for “Sleep Tight Farm.” In this beautifully illustrated book, a farm family prepares for winter while reminiscing about the hard work the family does throughout the year.

Doyle lives in Vermont and is the author of two novels for young adults and many short stories. She and her family operate The Last Resort Farm, where they grow organic berries, vegetables and hay.

Doyle said, “Everyone eats. In our country, relatively few people farm. A crazy gap in our national knowledge! My book attempts to connect our smallest eaters (and those who read to them) with a working farm family. The wonderful AFBFA award will help ‘Sleep Tight Farm’ do its job!”

The “Book of the Year” award springs from the Foundation’s effort to identify “accurate ag books,” a collection of nearly 500 books for children, teenagers and adults that accurately cover agricultural topics. Book of the Year selections are educational, help to create positive public perceptions about agriculture, inspire readers to learn more and touch their readers’ lives as well as tell the farmer’s story.

To accompany the “Sleep Tight Farm” book, the Foundation has created an educator’s guide and a Specialty Crop Ag Mag; the Ag Mag will be offered in both English and Spanish text versions.

Orders may be placed through the American Farm Bureau Foundation. The cost is $16, with a discount for orders over 10 books.