Membership benefits you, your family and neighborhoods all over Ohio

The Roots of Ohio Grow with Farm Bureau

Nearly 100,000 Ohioans are Ohio Farm Bureau members who may not farm, yet care about preserving and protecting the roots of our communities and the values we all share.

See how your Farm Bureau membership benefits you, your family and neighborhoods all over Ohio.


Protecting and Preserving Our Rural Roots

Our agricultural heritage is at the foundation of Ohio’s success. From 1 million jobs that depend on Ohio agriculture to communities built on the history of hard work, honesty and the value of a handshake, it’s our mission to ensure that the values of rural Ohio never disappear.


Ensuring Farmland and Open Space Remain a part of the Ohio Landscape

As guardians of the land and Ohio’s natural resources, we value clean water, clean air and a healthy environment where we can enjoy nature all around us.

Open space protects our drinking water and air quality while offering critical wildlife habitat.

Learn more about our farm and land initiatives.


Educating Lawmakers About the Real Challenges We Face

From property taxes to land use… or individual rights and youth education… Farm Bureau is a grassroots partnership that works to educate legislators and the public about challenges we face across the state.

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Supporting Ohio Farmers While Saving You Time and Money

By signing up for our Member Savings Advantage Program, you can support more than 18,000 businesses in Ohio and save hundreds… even thousands… on your daily purchases. In one year, Ohio Farm Bureau members redeemed more than $200,000 in discounts using Member Savings Advantage.

The Member Savings Advantage Program is included with an Ohio Farm Bureau membership.

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