Sweetest Day is Oct. 21 – Celebrate with a farmer

Sweetest Day started in 1922 when a group of volunteers, led by candy maker Herbert Birch, passed out 20,000 boxes of candy to individuals of every walk of life in Cleveland….the poor, orphans, and shut-ins.

Here are several ideas to make the day more special if your significant other is a farmer.

Serve breakfast in bed to your sweetie!  I know you will have to be up early to make this happen but it’s worth it.

Pack a picnic basket for lunch and head to the field.  Make his or her favorite sandwiches and snacks and serve lunch on the tailgate of the pickup truck.  Farmers may be busy but they have to eat, too!

Ride in the combine for a few rounds and chat with your sweetheart about the day.  Take advantage of sitting close to each other.

At the end of day, suggest a campfire. Bust out the s’more supplies and relax around the dancing flames.