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Black River FFA competes in Marysville Judging Invitational

March 3, Black River FFA attended the Marysville FFA Judging Invitational at Marysville High School. Team members participated in the Nature, Horse, Dairy and General Livestock judging competitions.

The Nature Interpretation competition consists of a students’ capability to evaluate and/or determine techniques of leading nature and wildlife programs. Contestants will identify problem plant and animal species, including invasive and non-native species, and select those practices to best control the species based on the scenario provided. In Black River FFAaddition, each student completed a 50- question written exam. The team consisted of William Blicha and Amanda Mycek. William placed 11th and Amanda placed 41st, out of a total of 82 individuals.



The horse judging competition consists of judging two halter classes, one performance, and a class of hay, identifying different types of tack and equipment, and taking a 50-question written test. Overall the horse team earned 4th place out of 24 teams and 230 individuals. The team consisted of Abigail Groesser (24th), Hannah Abfall (31st), Chloee Howard (42nd), Madison Bias (53rd), Jennasis Butler (79th), Kaylynn Maurer (95th), Kailee Baker (135th) and Melanie Grove (191st).

The General Livestock competition consists of members judging both breeding and market classes for sheep, goats, swine and beef cattle. Participants also answer conformation and production questions for each class in addition to completing a current market grid.  The General Livestock team earned 4th place out of 72 teams and 662 individuals. Individually, team members consisted of, Hannah Moskal (12th), Hope Diaz (28th), Cori Aviles (44th), Brianna Englehart (56th), Molly Cordonnier (106th), Jared Bradford (137th), Gracey Moskal (374th), Alexa Shearer (413th), Anna Shearer (427th) and Kaitlyn Long (429th).

In addition, one FFA member participated in the Dairy Cattle judging competition. Cannon Jackson earned 10th place out of 101 individuals.

Congratulations to all team members!

Submitted by: Kaitlyn Long, Black River FFA Sentinel

General Livestock team
General Livestock team

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