NEXUS reminds you to call before you dig

April is an important month at NEXUS Gas Transmission, not because warming weather means spring is around the corner, but because it is Call Before You Dig month. Whether you plan on digging around your house, in your backyard or out in the field, it’s important to call 811 to have the area marked for buried utilities before you break the soil.

Residential gas lines, electric utilities and water lines are just a few of the utilities that can be struck when digging. While major lines, such as gas pipelines, are generally buried several feet deep, other utilities can lie just beneath the surface and could be cut during simple tasks, such as planting bushes or tilling the land. Even if you’ve dug in a particular area in the past, don’t take anything for granted. Uneven land surfaces and erosion can cause the depth of buried utilities to change over time.

Cutting a line can result in a disruption of service to you and your neighbors. More significant risks include fires and explosions that can lead to injury or even death. Any time you plan to move earth or disturb soil, calling 811 is a simple process that saves time, money and lives. It takes just minutes and results in a damage-free project 99 percent of the time.

Some examples of when to call 811 include: drain tile installation, chisel plowing, subsoiling, deep ripping, building a waterway, digging fence posts, and drilling water or irrigation wells just to name a few.  Calling 811 before any digging project is always the safe thing to do.

Know what’s below. Call 811 or visit at least two to three business days before moving earth or disturbing soil. It takes just minutes and results in a safe, damage-free project 99 percent of the time.

At least two to three business days before excavating, simply make a call to 811. You’ll be asked to provide important details about your project, such as the type of work you’ll be doing, where you’ll be doing it and when your project will begin. The 811 center will then provide this information to pipeline operators and other companies with buried utilities near your work site, sparing you the hassle of contacting each individually. Within two to three business days, professional locaters will mark the underground utility lines near your work site, and in no time, you’ll be ready to dig, till and plant.

Responsible homeowners and farmers like you know that you save time by getting it right the first time. Know what’s below. Call 811 to get underground utilities marked every time before you dig.

This information is provided by NEXUS Gas Transmission.