A Word from President Doug Toops

As we embark on this year’s membership drive, I find myself looking back on all our county achievements. Some of our most memorable events include connecting with our community and our members. On numerous occasions I found myself lost in conversation with a fellow agriculturalist, discussing our daily routines and our troubles that occur. Looking past our troubles, we quickly start to notice our successes. Among those successes is our annual Farm Day at the Clark County Fairgrounds, in partnership with United Way, where we invite Springfield local summer schools to experience the various aspects of the industry we hold dear. Seeing the “farm to food” connection suddenly illuminate on the students’ faces reassures us that the experience we’re providing is much more than petting a horse or holding chickens or making butter. Continuing to cultivate the relationship between consumers and farmers is a task, as Clark County Farm Bureau, we proudly tackle.

Clark County Farm Bureau tries to make a positive impact with our youth. We accomplish this by offering scholarships to graduating high school students and current college students. We are also making ourselves available to our Local FFA Chapters and STEM Academy in Springfield, just as they have with us.

One of our priorities as Clark County Farm Bureau is to stay engaged with our local officials and state legislature. We accomplish this by visiting with our government officials at our state’s capital and by inviting these officials to our public policy events and local events. By doing this, we can personally tell our stories that impact the industry we are so passionate about. Being part of a grassroots organization, we develop policies that are most important to our members.

Our annual Farm and Brewery Tour is by far one of my favorite events. We take members around the county to tour local farms, breweries and businesses that depend on agriculture. This event is a wonderful way to meet  fellow members and discover some of the many amazing businesses within our county and our livelihood.

As we continue to grow as an organization and provide such experiences, we hope to provide our members with many opportunities to get involved and encourage you to share your stories with our community.

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