Coshocton County announces winners of Ag Bag Contest

A reception was held in honor of the winning fourth grade students in the Coshocton County Farm Bureau’s “Ag Bag” coloring contest. This project was held in each of Coshocton County’s schools’ art classes in honor of National Agriculture Week. The reception was held Monday, April 23, 2018, at the Frontier Power Meeting Room. Each student was recognized and an award winning agriculture book will be placed in their school’s library in their honor. 

Coshocton Elementary – Brayden Grimm, Lucy Baylor, Natalie Lucko, Alexya Hill and Braidee Slaughter; Sacred Heart – Faith Udischas; Ridgewood Elementary -Autumn Joyce, Chloe Love, Ava Rauh and Gavin Shriver; Warsaw Elementary -Austyn Allnut, Madeleine Larrison, Dakota Wesney, and Amelia Wilson; Keene Elementary  -Britany Hammond and Nathan Adams.


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