July 2018 Feature Farmer Kenley Schwendeman


We’re happy to introduce Kenley Schwendeman as this month’s feature farmer!

Kenley has farmed for nearly all his life and thoroughly enjoys it! He and his family work together on their farm with cattle, sheep and grain, plus they sell corn, soybeans and hay. Their farm is located in Watertown, Ohio. During the “off-season,” Kenley teaches physical science and biology at Waterford High School.

Kenley really appreciates the independence that comes with farming and his ability to work for himself. Plus, he loves seeing his family work together. He, his wife and their two children get to have lots of quality time together working toward the common goal of keeping their farm going. Kenley said the whole family working closely is what makes them different. The biggest challenges Kenley faces with his operation is the struggle to find time to get everything done and the weather not always cooperating.

Kenley says there are many benefits to Farm Bureau membership. He appreciates Farm Bureau providing a voice for ag and rural America and he knows that if he were to have any issues arise, they would do anything they can to help him. The Farm Bureau is just a good advocate for farmers.

Thank you to Kenley and his family for all the hard work they put into their livestock and crops! We appreciate your dedication to the Farm Bureau.

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