July 2018 Feature Farmers Ben and Katrina Carpenter


We are so happy to announce Ben and Katrina Carpenter as our Featured Farmers for the month of July!

Ben and Katrina have a farm in Somerset with about 140 head of cattle; there are two herds, one is Black Angus and the other is Texas Longhorn. They are in the second year of being a 100% grass-fed farm. And, the farm is where Ben grew up being a farmer from the very beginning.

Ben and Katrina really enjoy the farming lifestyle and that it keeps their family close and allows their children and grandchildren to work with them on the farm. Along with their farm, Ben and Katrina have a food truck that travels to various farm markets and events. All the beef sold in the truck is raised on their farm, including the Texas Longhorn beef which is extremely lean!

When Ben and Katrina aren’t farming, they are hard at work at their jobs; Ben is a county commissioner and Katrina is a county educator on waste reduction and recycling.

The biggest challenge the Carpenters face for their operation is time and being able to manage all their cattle. But, they are thankful to be Farm Bureau members as they said the Farm Bureau is always providing connections and resources, plus the policy development they work on, too.

Thank you Ben and Katrina for being a vital part of our community’s agriculture! We appreciate all you do!

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