Meet your July 2018 Feature Farmer – Levi Morrow

Levi Morrow is a vocational agriculture teacher at Morgan High School. He and his wife, Krysti, are owners and operators of Rocky Knob Farms located outside of McConnelsville, in Morgan County. On their farm they raise corn, soybeans, cattle, an assortment of vegetables, and have an agritourism business in the fall.


There are many things Levi loves about about being a farmer and being involved in agriculture.

“When I think about things I like about being a farmer or just being involved in agriculture I could probably go on and on.
1) The Work- I love being able to see the ground tilled, plant the seed, care for the plants and animals, then harvest that as a useful product for society.

2) The Challenge- You have to be somewhat of a risk taker to be the one planting the seed or raising the animal because we all know Mother Nature could ruin anything good within a matter of minutes, but I love being able to try new things
and watch how it unfolds.

3) The Community- Agriculture is one of the only industries I know of where it is truly a community on all levels. Earlier in the year we saw wildfires do catastrophic damage threatening the livelihood of many ranchers. We saw many other farmers from all over the country deliver them the feed and supplies they needed. As I work at growing my farm, other farmers from my  community have offered so much knowledge and advice to help me.”

Levi explained that they focus on direct marketing, which makes them different from other operations. They have had an opportunity to buy a farm right next to their family farm which was the perfect opportunity. They like to focus on getting the most of every acre.

“We don’t have the acreage or finances to produce in volume right now so we work hard to get the most of what we do produce,” he said.

The Morros like to spend their off-season with family.

“We would not be able to do what we do without the help of our family and friends. We try to soak up all the time we can with them when life is a little slower on the Knob.”

Finding time for everything is a challenge. He said keeping up with everything there is to do on the farm and around the house during the growing season is hard. He said you just have to do the best you can and keep prioritizing your list.

He also said there are benefits to Farm Bureau membership.

“Thanks to Farm Bureau we have seen the world of learning and relationships in agriculture open up for us. By far our favorite event every year is the Cultivating Connections Conference in Columbus for Young Ag Professionals. The connections we have made and knowledge of agriculture vendors/organizations across the state have been priceless in helping us get our farm running.”

It’s great to have dedicated people to farming and agriculture. Thank you for all you and your family do, Levi!

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