Meet your July 2018 Feature Farmers Tim and Jody Cox

Tim and Jody Cox live on a farm near Keene, Ohio. The farm consists of small grain crops, pasture and wooded acreage. Tim worked on his family farm in Adams Mills from childhood until he entered the Air Force. Jody fondly remembers the wonderful experiences of her grandparents’ small dairy, livestock and crop farm near Blissfield. And now, Tim and Jody are kind enough to host this year’s Dinner on the Farm in August!

The Coxes enjoy meeting the challenges of farm management as well as the rewards of working with talented leaders and neighbors within the agriculture community. They feel that farming instills important values for each generation and provides the great satisfaction of seeing a crop grow from planting through harvest. They said the biggest challenges faced with their operation are updating business practices relating to agriculture and marketing.

Tim and Jody spend any extra time with their children and traveling. The Coxes have been Farm Bureau members for 30 years and say they benefit as members by being educated on current events and legislation within Ohio agriculture.

Thank you Tim and Jody for being such a great part of our agriculture community; we’re all looking forward to dining with you at your farm!

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