Trumbull County Trustee Showcase: Zane Lehmann

Meet Trumbull County trustee, Zane Lehmann. Zane grew up in Southington, Ohio with his parents, Jodi and Tim, and his brother Travis. Zane now lives in Champion, Ohio and has his own hobby farm where he raises chickens, goats and rabbits.

Being a Farm Bureau member for three years, Zane said, “I am a Farm Bureau member because farmers are a dying breed. I want to raise awareness and gain back farmers.” Zane has been actively involved on the Farm Bureau board of trustees for one year.

Off the farm, Zane works as a bulk cheese handler at Great Lakes Cheese. He also sells soap and fudge from his farm, while raising rabbits for meat, chickens for eggs and meat, and dairy show and production goats.

Trumbull County Farm Bureau appreciates everything you do!


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