Meet your August 2018 Feature Farmer Kristen Baughman

We are thrilled to introduce Kristen Baughman as this month’s Feature Farmer! Kristen is the owner of Curly Girl Farm in Zanesville at 2444 South River Road in Zanesville. She sells produce and flowers at the Zanesville Farmers Market.


Kristen really enjoys the ability to work outdoors and to see the miracle of planting a tiny seed and seeing it turn into the big plants that feed us! She tries to grow a wide selection of produce, especially heirloom varieties and she’s not afraid to try growing things she’s never grown before.

During her off season, Kristen doesn’t really slow down. She works part-time for her friend’s honey farm during the holiday season as well as her dad’s insurance business. She also spends time working on a project called Urban Greens which creates community gardens within Zanesville. Plus, she loves to sew, knit and read when she has time.


The biggest challenge Kristen said she faces is finding the time to get everything done. If she could clone herself, that would certainly help! And Kristen appreciates the opportunity that Farm Bureau offers to be able to connect with other farmers that have gone on to help in her countless ways.

Thank you Kristen for being such a great part of our ag community. We appreciate all you do!

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