Meet your September 2018 Feature Farmer – Scott Bush

We are thrilled to introduce Scott Bush as this month’s Feature Farmer! He and his wife, Jean, have an 82-acre farm in Adamsville where they raise pigs, sheep and cattle. Scott is retired from the Air Force and they really like the farming lifestyle. Their little farm is beautiful and the animals they get to work with are really cool, plus the Bushes always like to mention how well they eat.

Scott and Jean pasture raise their pigs. They have a Heritage breed called Large Black and believe the practice of pasture raising makes a significant difference in the taste and the health benefits of the meat from the pigs. Also, Scott and Jean believe the pasture raising practice is how Mother Nature intended it to be.

During the off-season, Scott and Jean like to travel, although they said they had their fair share during Scott’s time in the military, plus Scott likes to work in the woodshop and Jean likes to garden.

The biggest challenge they face with their operation is working to make others understand the difference in what they do with their production practices as opposed to how conventional meat is raised and how it’s worth the difference in price.

Scott and Jean appreciate the connections with other farmers that come with being Farm Bureau members. Scott said he really loves Our Ohio magazine; it’s one of his favorite reads.

Thanks Scott and Jean for all you do as vital members of our agriculture community!

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