Trustee Tuesday: Becky Hummeldorf

Meet Hamilton County Farm Bureau Trustee Becky Hummeldorf

Becky Hummeldorf has been a member for an 24 years. She decided to join Farm Bureau because other farmers and her neighbors recommended it to her due to her interest in farming. She has a very prominent farming background that she is proud of. Becky enjoys getting involved with other farmers and helping with policies that affect people, just like her. She truly enjoys learning about and getting to know other people in the organization and that members can come together for one purpose. In addition, Becky is married to her husband, Dave, and they have three sons. She helps operate their small hay and cattle farm. Previously, Becky has helped with 4-H clubs. Becky is a business manager, but in her free time, she spends her time gardening, reading, traveling, and of course, with other Farm Bureau members.

Thank you for your dedication, Becky!

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