Trustee Tuesday: Tim Dicke

Meet Hamilton County Farm Bureau Trustee Tim Dicke

Tim Dicke has been a member for the past eight years and a trustee for six years. Tim became a member because he was always involved with 4-H and agriculture and he saw and admired the efforts Farm Bureau made on behalf of 4-H. Tim graduated from Wilmington College with a degree in agriculture. He enjoys the events in Washington, D.C, and how policies are being discussed at a prominent level. In addition, Tim enjoys meeting new people and staying friends with them for years to come. Aside from Farm Bureau, Tim is a fireman for Cincinnati. He also oversees Green Acres Foundation 4-H program. Tim owns his own farm operation where he raises and sells goats for shows and fairs. Tim and his wife, Jill, have two children, Allison and Alex. Tim is also on the board of directors for Hamilton County 4-H.