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Intern Insider: Clark County Farm Day

When I was younger, there were few things I looked forward to as much as Farm Day. A day spent petting ponies, holding piglets, making soybean necklaces and milking cows was always one of the highlights of my school year. When I learned I would be helping plan and coordinate Clark County Farm Bureau’s Farm Day, I was excited to be on the opposite end of things and excited to help create something that I used to love so much.

The children from Springfield City Schools schools arrived at 9 a.m. all loud, rambunctious and ready to go. We had 11 stations that each group went to, spending 12 minutes of their time at each stop. Our stations were beef, ag equipment, mobile zoo, horses, pigs, planting, grain, soil, sheep, Woeber Mustard, and watersheds. No matter what the child was interested in, we had something for them to enjoy. My favorite part was watching the children truly listen to the presenter while they were talking, then shoot their hand up to ask a question. Many of the questions were more in-depth than I anticipated.

Following the stations, we passed out “Farm Day” shirts and gathered nearly 300 children for a group photo; this in itself was a challenge. After the photo, each child was given a slice of pizza, water and a cup of Young’s ice cream. We then said goodbye to our little attendees and proceeded to clean up.

This day would not have been possible without the many people that showed up and supported the event. From the board members and volunteers to the sponsors, each and every person help make this event possible.

The sun and warm weather helped make for a beautiful day of learning and fun. While attending Farm Day as an elementary student was always a highlight of my school year, I must admit being on this side of things is even better. I look forward to helping with many more Farm Days in my future. 

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