Farm Feature – Kevin Henry

Logan County Board member Kevin Henry resides in Zanesfield, Ohio with his wife, Mary, and his kids Brock (11) and Eli (8). Kevin owns 800 acres where he grows corn and soybeans. He also contracts 2,000 hogs, and helps out on the family dairy farm, the Four Henry Holsteins, alongside his father and two brothers.

“I love farming because it is a family affair that everyone enjoys being a part of,”  Kevin said. He said working with family members has given him the opportunity to work flexible hours, because someone will always be on the farm. On top of the whole family being involved, he also said he loves the different challenges that farmers face day in and day out, whether broken equipment, or lower yields than last year due to the weather.

“Being outside all day while farming definitely has benefits, but also major downfalls. You never know what to expect,” he said.

Technology has definitely changed agriculture along the way. With more advanced technology, farmers can focus more on environmental factors. At Henry Farms, they are keeping up with the changes of technology within the industry by only doing in-crop fertilization application.

“Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time and Right Place are all things that factor into our decisions. It is important to always care for the land and crops, and make sure they are getting what they need to thrive,” he said. On top of in-crop fertilization, the farm also does soil sampling to make the most beneficial decisions for their crops.

Kevin became involved in Logan County Farm Bureau when a neighboring farmer invited him to a board meeting. He enjoys being involved because it gives him the chance to help explain agriculture to non-farmers. It also gives him a chance to spread his passion of agriculture to other people within the area.

“Farm Bureau gives farmers a voice in government decisions, which is very important when making policies and passing bills in Columbus as well as Washington, D.C,” Kevin said.

Thank you for all of your time and dedication toward Farm Bureau, Kevin. We appreciate all of your hard work!

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