Manufacturing Days in Preble County

Manufacturing Days in Preble County will take place Nov. 20, 21 and 22, 2019.

Shifting Students’ Attitudes Toward Manufacturing

According to Deloitte’s 2015 survey, 81% of students who attended Manufacturing Days events emerged “more convinced that manufacturing provides careers that are interesting and rewarding.”

This percentage rose to 84% in 2016. Projections indicate that roughly 600,000 people attended Manufacturing Days events in 2016 and that 267,000 of them were students. That means that nearly 225,000 students walked away from their Manufacturing Day 2016 event with a more positive perception of manufacturing, according to Deloitte’s findings.

Local events

For the last seven years in November, Preble County manufacturers have been opening their doors to the five high schools in the county to show them what manufacturing is and what it is not. They address the skilled labor shortage they are facing with baby boomers’ upcoming retirements and current job openings, showcase different careers in manufacturing as well as discuss tuition reimbursement and other benefits the companies offer. These students and even teachers are walking away with a greater knowledge of what these globally recognized manufacturers produce and a different image of manufacturing.

It is important for the students to know that they have opportunities for employment in Preble County and that these are good paying jobs with good benefits. For those who are not college bound and even for those who plan to go to college, there are job openings at nearly all the manufacturing businesses in the county. This is a perfect opportunity and first step in learning what manufacturing is all about.

The Preble County Farm Bureau is proud to help sponsor this event. Sponsorship funds are made possible through Core Funding grants. 

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