Tell us the story of your favorite food

Calling all kid artists! During the rest of the month, to celebrate National Agriculture Day, the Auglaize, Logan, Mercer and Shelby County Farm Bureaus are celebrating food and fiber! We want you to tell us the story of your favorite food.

How can you do this? It’s easy:

  • Pick your favorite food
  • Tell us its story in pictures, or with a few words and pictures.
  • Submit that picture to the county Farm Bureau!

Contest Rules:

  1. Pictures
    1. Pick your favorite food and draw its story by researching how that food is made, grown and gets to your plate.
    2. Pictures can be very simple and have words with them to further explain the process.
  2. Pictures need to be done on an 8.5 x11 paper
    1. On the bottom right corner, please have the name and age of the artist.
  3. Pictures of the submission need to be submitted to the county Farm Bureau at a[email protected], the Facebook page or can be mailed to the Farm Bureau office at 110 Industrial Drive-Suite C Wapakoneta, OH 45895
  4. The deadline for entry is April 3, 2020.

Winners will receive a gift card from the Farm Bureau for telling the story of their favorite food. Categories for entry are the following:

  1. Kids ages 3-5
  2. Kids ages 6-8
  3. Kids ages 8-11
  4. Kids ages 11-13
  5. Kids ages 14-16

Let’s have some fun and tell us what you love to eat! Remember to celebrate your farmers during National Ag Week.