Reading Royalty Statements Webinar

National Association of Royalty Owners presents a webinar Nov. 19 on reading royalty statements. Accounting professional Idalia Romanos will discuss how to go about reading and managing the statements that royalty owners receive each month accompanying their check. Romanos will discuss the different codes, columns and figures contained in a normal royalty statement and direct royalty owners on what they should be looking out for in order to best manage their asset.

There is a fee for the webinar, based on membership in the Royalty Owners association. 

NARO non-member webinar registration

The $25 non-member fee is deductible from the first year’s membership if someone is interested in joining NARO.

NARO member webinar registration

There will be a webinar in January following Utica natural gas from the wellhead to the sales meter involving how the gas is processed and measured at the production pad.  More details will follow.

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