Our Ohio Weekly

Our Ohio Weekly: The outlook for careers in agriculture

The agribusiness industry in Ohio includes the entire crop and livestock supply chain, from production through distribution to final sale, as well as industries such as landscaping, parks and golf courses. A new study looked at the career opportunities in this space, and the data is promising for those looking for a career in agribusiness with jobs spanning far beyond barns and fields. What types of career opportunities does the state’s No. 1 industry hold for Ohio’s up and coming workforce, and will there be enough of that workforce to go around? Find out on this Our Ohio Weekly.

00:00 – Dr. Bill LaFayette, owner, Regionomics and Dan Durheim, Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation board member and associate vice president Sponsor Relations – Nationwide share the results of the study

23:50 – Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation scholarship recipient Cora Dorman tells her story ‘To the Beat of Agriculture’

32:20 – Wade Smith, District 2 trustee of Ohio Farm Bureau and chairman of the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation board gives a Foundation update