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Friends of Agriculture chosen in 2022 election

Ohio Farm Bureau Friend of Ag designations held true to their history of successful indicators, with a 92% success rate for all legislative candidates named a Friend of Ag in the 2022 general election.

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AGGPAC: Designating a ‘Friend of Agriculture’

Learn more about the process for determining the Friend of Agriculture designation and why some offices receive no designation. Designations for the 2022 election were announced in the October Buckeye Farm News.

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Ohio Farm Bureau backs ‘consistent’ Ohio Supreme Court justices

Ohio Farm Bureau was part of a group of Ohio’s largest business organizations that announced their endorsement of Sharon Kennedy for chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court and Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer for re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court.

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How elected officials become ‘Friends of Agriculture’

Two factors are used: an evaluation conducted by each county in the congressional district, and the legislator’s voting record and position on national and state key issues while the candidate has been in office.

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Across the Table: Attention lawmakers

Leading up to Election Day, Ohio Farm Bureau will be working directly with lawmakers, tracking their actions and the impacts that they have on our industry, both positively and negatively, and we’ll be communicating that to you.

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