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Ohio Farm Bureau and John Deere!

Ohio Farm Bureau members receive an upgraded John Deere Rewards membership (Platinum 1) – which unlocks extra discounts on equipment, parts, and merchandise. Register today and explore all that John Deere Rewards has to offer.

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JOHN DEERE PLATINUM 2 PROMOTION: From May 15-31, John Deere is upgrading Farm Bureau member Rewards accounts to Platinum 2 Rewards. With this increase, members can save up to $1000 more than the current Platinum 1 account level on eligible equipment! The elevated Platinum 2 status will last 60 days from the date of sign-up, at which point them member’s status will return to Platinum 1.

HOW TO CLAIM YOUR UPGRADE: Members can claim the Platinum 2 upgrade two ways:

  1. Member Already Has a Rewards Account: John Deere will send an email to the email address on file for the existing Farm Bureau member Rewards account to opt-in to the upgrade.
  2. Member DOES NOT Have a Rewards Account: If a member has not yet signed up for John Deere Rewards, they follow the normal path at where they will begin at Platinum 2 and will return to Platinum 1 after 60 days has passed.


Ohio Farm Bureau members are eligible for the following benefits as Platinum 1 Rewards’ members:

Check out the savings on the following equipment categories: 

  • Commercial Mowing     $200 – $1,700 off
  • Residential Mowing       $50 – $150 off
  • Utility Vehicles                 $100 – $300 off
  • Tractors                               $200 – $300 off
  • Compact Construction     $550 – $1,400 off


Other Details and Restrictions

  • Rewards benefits are only available at John Deere dealerships. Purchases from other stores will count toward Rewards status, but are not eligible for a Rewards discount.
  • Must be a valid member of Farm Bureau for 30 days.
  • A valid member email address is required for eligibility.
  • Members need to sign up once for the Rewards program, then renew or reactivate their membership in the Rewards program approximately every two years.
  • Rewards members can manage their account at
  • Rewards terms and conditions.






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