Ohio Farm Bureau Energy Program

Ohio Farm Bureau has partnered with an Ohio company that not only understands energy, but has performed the complicated analysis for you. By providing tips and tools to help better manage electric and natural gas costs, the program’s goal is to assist members with energy analysis, education, protection, and savings when possible – ultimately putting money back into your pocket.

The program is easy and based on a few simple steps:

  • Member views online or calls to discuss savings options.
  • Member is notified of findings.
  • Member chooses whether or not to proceed.

Key points:

  • All members can enjoy aspects of the program, but aggregated cost savings is limited to members residing in for-profit utility regions only (for example AEP, DP&L, Toledo Edision, Columbia Gas, Duke)
  • If you are a member of a co-op or municipality, for either electric or natural gas, aggregated cost savings will not apply for that individual co-op, but make sure to call OFBF’s Energy Program customer service number to learn of other benefits.

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