Since its inception in 2018, the Ohio Farm Bureau Energy Program, a trusted member benefit and solution for members with energy needs, has been helping members through energy education as well as financial savings on electricity and natural gas.

An easy first step is to share your current electric or gas bill for a free analysis.


The Farm Bureau program can serve members in the following utility regions: AEP Columbus Southern, AEP Ohio Power, AES, CenterPoint Energy, Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison. Farm Bureau members who are served by energy cooperatives are already receiving lowest prices and are not eligible for the program.


Members in an eligible region initially receive a complimentary bill review.


Within two business days of sending your electric and/or gas bills, the Ohio Farm Bureau Energy Program team will: 


  • Review your supplier

  • Determine your contract term and when your contract will end

  • Verify your rate to make sure that it is consistent with your contract

  • Show you where to find the supply rate on your bill

  • Evaluate the available options for you to lock in a new fixed-rate at a start date that works with your existing contract(s)

  • Continue to be a resource for all of your energy-related questions.


If after the review you choose to sign up for the Ohio Farm Bureau Energy Program, there will not be any disruption to your utility service. You will continue to receive the electricity or natural gas through your local utility but will now receive rate protection on one of your bill’s big line items, supply or generation. 


You will receive your utility bill as usual and your utility will still be responsible for responding to any emergencies or outages.


For questions, call our Ohio-based representative Dan Godinsky at 1-800-830-3501. Or visit


You might benefit from a utility bill review if:


  • You are exploring electric and gas supply rate options

  • Your usage has increased unexpectedly

  • Your monthly costs are going up

  • You do not know if you are in a fixed contract for electric or gas supply

  • You do not know what your rate is or where to find it on your bill

  • You are getting calls from suppliers and are not sure what is the best fit


To request a utility bill review, simply send recent copies of your electric and/or natural gas bills (including all pages) to:


Mail: 3725 Medina Rd, Ste. 112, Medina, OH 44256. 

Email: [email protected] 

Fax: 330-721-8111 

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