Farm Bureau applauds CAUV reforms proposed in House budget

Farmers encouraged to contact lawmakers

Much needed reform of Ohio’s CAUV formula has been included in the Ohio House’s biennial budget proposal, which is good news for Ohio’s family farmers, according to the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

Farm Bureau is encouraging its members to contact their state representatives and ask them to protect and keep the Current Agricultural Use Value language throughout the budget process. Legislator contact information is at Click on Legislative Action Center.

OFBF has been advocating for the CAUV reforms in response to farmland tax increases that have exceeded 300 percent in recent years. The large tax increases have hit farmers at a time when farm income has experienced a historic decline.

Ohioans voted to create the CAUV program in 1973 as a means of preserving farmland in the state. Under CAUV, farmland is taxed at a rate that reflects its value for agricultural purposes instead of its value as development property.

The budget proposal would address nonfarm influences from the formula that tend to artificially raise CAUV values. It would also ensure that farmers are not penalized for adopting conservation practices that protect water quality.

“Our members have said CAUV reform is their No. 1 priority,” said Yvonne Lesicko, Ohio Farm Bureau’s vice president, public policy. “Farmers need to contact their legislators, let them know how important this is and ask them to support CAUV reform.”

Farm Bureau thanks House leaders for listening to their constituents and moving this measure ahead.

This is a news release for use by journalists. Questions should be directed to Joe Cornely, 614-246-8230.

One thought on “Farm Bureau applauds CAUV reforms proposed in House budget

  1. Avatar Robb49 says:

    If farmers want this, they had better get off their tractor seats long enough to call their Representatives. If there is one thing you should have learned by now, its that Ohio’s conservative government screws over the people who can’t or won’t defend themselves. So, get loud or get stepped on.

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