Darke County Proposed Policies

At our 2017 Annual Meeting that will be held on Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017 we will be voting on our proposed policies. Farm Bureau members should be sure to join us to be able to vote. If you would like to attend please call 937-335-1471 or email [email protected]

Below are the proposed policies for Local, State, and National Levels.

2017 Darke County Farm Bureau Purposed Policies.

• We support Darke County having a full time ANR (Ag and Natural Resources) Extension Educator.
• We support continued research and education on nutrient management.
• We support monitoring CAUV reform implementation.
• We support the update and revision of the ODNR land rental lease agreements to bring the farming practices up to current agriculture production methods.
• We support greater transparency on where and how Clean Ohio funds are being dispersed.
• We support early development of the upcoming Farm Bill.
• We support continued immigration worker reform, and consideration to the agriculture community not to provide shortfalls or interruption of production due to minor paperwork infractions.
• We support having access and availability to more plans under the current affordable healthcare plan.
• We support continuation of conservation funding when pertaining to the new Farm Bill as well as FSA cuts.
• We support the continuation of funding to the AgriAbility programming through the Farm Bill of the US Department of Agriculture.