Featured Member: Christie Stitzlein, Hi Hills Farms

Christie Stitzlein is a proud partner of Hi Hills Farms, a fourth generation farm, and second-generation dairy operation. Christie’s husband, Tim, and his parents Don and Patricia Stitzlein, operate Hi Hills Farm. Their passion for agriculture has allowed them to expand their farm to milking 600 cows, growing 600 acres of corn, and around 200 acres of hay. Each year their goal is to be self sustaining, meaning the crops they produce will feed and meet the needs of their herd. Although the farm keeps Christie and her family very busy, Christie still finds time to serve Holmes County Farm Bureau as president. When asked why they are members of Farm Bureau Christie said, “We are members of Farm Bureau because of the support they provide on issues that impact our food and farming business.”

Holmes County Farm Bureau is thankful for all the support that Christie and Hi Hills Farm provide our county Farm Bureau.